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6th and 7th APRIL 2023



4:00 pm - 9:00 pm UK time (BST)

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm USA East coast

9:00 am - 2:00 pm USA West coast


There will be a 1-hour break (6:00pm UK time) on both days. No previous experience is required, only a curious heart.

A journey for women or anyone that identifies themself as women.



This two-day online workshop for women is an invitation to sing, sound, voice, play, explore, reclaim and awaken all the different aspects of our vocal expression so that we can reconnect to our inner emotional landscape of feelings that may have been silenced and buried for too long.


When we discover that singing can provide a safe container to release the repressed aspects of our voice and soul, the power, healing and vitality which is expressed can be truly profound and transformational.


"In particular, women have suffered at the hands of a society that wants them to look, behave and sound in a certain way. Many women have repressed a whole octave of sound and along with it, a whole spectrum of feelings." Paul Newham


This 2-day journey will be recorded and delivered to you soon after the weekend has been completed. This means you will all be able to revisit and practice in your own time. The platform that we will use throughout the workshop is Zoom.


Your place in the workshop is secured only after receiving your payment. Once payment has been received, we will send you further information that will help to prepare you for the workshop (please look for an email on your 'promotion' and 'spam' folder as it often lands there).

All payments are non-refundable.

NESSI GOMES is an international musician with a BA (Hons) in Creative Expressive Therapies in Music (2007) and a certified Holistic Voice Therapy practitioner with The British Academy of Sound Therapy in group and individual work (2014).

Born on the tiny island of Guernsey (Channel Islands, UK), singing and music became Nessi’s way of dealing with challenging life circumstances. From a young age, she discovered for herself the ability to transcend limitations, shed painful layers and unspoken emotions by exploring the healing power of the voice.


Nessi’s creative turning point took place in 2010 upon settling in the community of PachaMama in Costa Rica. The nature of the place has reshaped and deepened her approach towards music, sound, therapy and self-healing.


Today Nessi continues to root herself more in the therapeutic value of vocal expression with her music and voice work with groups and individuals that she has shared internationally in the last 10 years.


Nessi's has carefully crafted her vocal journeys to be an invitation to dive deeply and playfully into a journey of self-discovery and self-inquiry, where the mystery and healing forces of our most intimate musical instrument unfold – our voice.


Her work aims to pierce through the voices in our head and to safely open a door for a new relationship between ourselves and the transformative quality of our vocal expression.

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