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Holistic Voice Therapy is a combination of voice, breath, movement and mindfulness techniques which helps the client to enter into a conversation with themselves to support them improve their health, life and reach their original blueprint of wellbeing. This is done without relying solely on words.


Some of the techniques are active, which means the client will participate in the activity alongside the therapist who is in a supportive role.  Other techniques are more passive, where the client receives deep relaxation with some mindfulness and reflection. 


Before and after the vocal part of the treatment some reflective practice will be done together with both the client and therapist. 


The 1-2-1 holistic voice therapy sessions are tailored to suit the client and can help the client work on specific issues or more generally on their wellbeing.

What is Holistic Voice Therapy?

Client-centred Approach 


client-centred approach to holistic voice therapy is a method in which the focus is on the individual's personal needs, wants, desires and goals, so that they become central to their care and healing process. This places them as the expert of their own experience and as an active participant in their own healing journey.

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The 1-2-1 sessions incorporate two very different therapeutic approaches. The first approach, ‘Passive Voice Therapy’ is where the client receive’s a treatment of gentle tones and overtones (harmonic singing) in a technique designed to place them into a deep state of relaxation similar to deep meditation. Otherwise known as an altered state of consciousness.  Deep relaxation without sleeping can enable us to access other levels of consciousness and rebalance/reset our wellbeing and body chemistry. For this type of session the client is invited to rest on something comfortable which is provided by the therapist. 


Research has shown that many physical, emotional and mental health benefits can be achieved using this approach such as reduced stress, less pain and tension in the body and a positive mood state.

The process is designed to help clients to reflect on areas of their life that also may have an impact on their health and wellbeing. Currently, these sessions are only available in person. Hygiene and safety will of course be adhered to.

The second approach, known as ‘Vocal Processing Techniques,’ is where the client is invited to use voice, breath, movement and mindfulness exercises that are chosen with relevance to the client’s symptoms, situation and needs. This is all carefully guided and facilitated by the trained therapist in order for the client to receive the best and most supportive outcome for their needs.


No previous experience or perceived ability in singing or movement is needed in order to receive the benefits of Holistic Voice Therapy. This approach is available online (via video link).

Session Pricing

SINGLE SESSIONS   |   1 X 60 MINUTES  £100   |    1 X 90 MINUTES  £130

4 WEEK PROGRAM   |   4 X 60 MINUTES  £360   |   4 X 90 MINUTES  £470

What People Say



When I went for my first Voice Bath with Nessi I had no idea what to expect but I was blown away by the experience! I was so impressed with the power of this seemingly simple therapy which guided me easily into an altered state of consciousness, rebalanced my anxious energy and connected me to my intuition. 

During the passive part of the session, Nessi created a safe and healing space, bathing me in sounds that seemed to do all the work, whilst I relaxed and renewed. Following the session, Nessi expertly facilitates an exploration of your experience leaving you with a better understanding of yourself and a new sense of meaning. I would highly recommend Nessi for any voice related therapy. Her passion and belief in voice work transcends all aspects of her life and her mastery of this instrument really shines through when her voice carries you on what can only be described as a truly healing journey.

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